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I'm Rebekah.

For me, language is more than just a trade; it's a passion.

I founded Olson Linguistics to be able to help you with all your English-based needs. From translation to language instruction, editing to conversation, my meticulous eye for detail and passion for language will provide high-quality results.

At a glance

Native English-speaker from Seattle, USA

In the industry since 2010

Highly experienced in working across time zones and cultures

Friendly and punctual service provider you can depend on

MA in Translation Theory and Practice

BA in Russian with a focus on Slavic Linguistics

BA in Classics with a focus on Ancient Greek Translation

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The Black Forest


Get to know me

I've lived in many places around the world (Norway, Ethiopia, Jordan, Russia, and the list goes on). Currently though, you can find me in a serene Black Forest town in southwestern Germany, learning my sixth language and hiking as often as I can. 


Olson Linguistics got its start when I transitioned from being a New York-based linguist to a fulltime freelancer. After studying and working with languages for years, it was a natural transition for me to embark on what has become an exciting and fulfilling career as an English Consultant & Linguistic Specialist, providing editing, translation, and language support.


Nearly a decade of living around the world and learning the languages and cultures I encountered along the way have provided the experiences that make me uniquely qualified for and highly passionate about my work.

If you'd like to find out more about me, you can click the "Get in Touch" button below or email me at

Finding the right linguist for your unique needs can be tricky -  you want an experienced professional who's both easy to work with and highly capable.

You've come to the right place.

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Stavanger, Norway


A comprehensive language services provider for all non-native English speakers


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